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Joe Nunziata: Chasing Your Life

Joe Nunziata
Chasing Your Life

Joe Nunziata is a business consultant, life coach and bestselling author of Chasing Your LifeKarma Buster, Spiritual Selling, Finding Your Purpose and No More 9 to 5. He has been working in the areas of personal development and human potential for over 25 years. His unique blend of psychology, philosophy and the power of energy is designed to foster a new way of thinking in business and life. 

In this, his most recent book, Joe explores the innate human desire to chase external accomplishments and material possessions in an effort to become fulfilled. His presentation will show how the intoxication of the chase overwhelms people. As a result, decisions and actions are distorted as people desperately seek happiness and fail to find it.

Some practical strategies will help attendees gain a greater understanding of their own behavior and the behavior of others. 

* How to Surrender and Become More Peaceful

* The Role Your Emotions Play in Shaping Your Life

* How Faith and Trust will Set You Free and more


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