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Rev. Bill McDonald: Alchemy of a Warrior’s Heart


Rev. Bill McDonald
Alchemy of a Warrior's Heart

Rev. Bill McDonald speaks about his “metaphysical life journey” from near-death experiences, to various out-of-body and supernatural and mysterious events. He includes his time in combat during the Vietnam War, where he was a crew-chief/door-gunner on a Huey helicopter.  He also shares stories from his many trips later in life to India where he encountered many great and powerful holy men and mysterious beings. He talks about love, and miracles and the many sacred things that he has discovered in his seven plus decades of life. He loves to inspire others and let them know that miracles do happen! 

He has written six books, has done over 600 radio, TV, magazine and newspaper interviews over the past twenty years, and currently lectures and hosts transformational workshops around the world and across the USA.  He is a highly decorated combat veteran who has been awarded The Distinguished Flying CrossThe Bronze Star MedalThe Purple Heart, 14 Air MedalsThe Vietnam (RVN) Gallantry Cross and other various medals and military ribbons. 

Rev. Bill works freely giving his time for veteran causes, from veteran homelessness to PTSD. He runs, and is the founder of Spiritual Warrior Ministries—a loose affiliation of chaplains and ministers of many different faiths that is self-funded and helps the veteran community at no charge. He is also founder and past president of The Military Writers Society of America. His belief is that we are all here to love and to serve.

Rev. Bill will share superb descriptions of life lessons learned in the hell of combat to an incredible, miraculous journey home to his truest self. His story is entertaining, spiritually enlightening, inspirational, and filled with guiding wisdom. 


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