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Members of the Inside Edge Speaker Bureau are available for presentations
in the greater Orange County region.  If you belong to groups that
need speakers for meetings, seminars, or workshops, please consider our members.  The Speakers Bureau provides the opportunity for Inside Edge members to share their knowledge and experience.
Please contact speakers
for booking
through their emails below. We are eager to be of service.

Speakers Bureau



Lois Carson

The Art of Effective Listening

Have you ever had a conversation with someone you care about and walked away feeling like you may have been talking to the wall? Have others walked away from you feeling the same way? If people are honest, they surely answer “yes” to both questions.  Lois Carson, since 2005 a coach in Personal Development and Leadership, teaches the fine art of becoming an effective listener to dramatically improve the quality of all of the  relationships in your life. With fun and enlightenment, you will learn the source of how you listen; the two factors that determine whether you are an effective listener, and how to manage your listener so that people have a profound experience of being heard, known and appreciated. 

Contact Lois Carson at  

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Basia Christ

Breaking Adam's Rib: Writing Woman's New Cultural Story

Basia Christ is a marketing professional, reporter, writer, and activist for women’s rightsFor more than fifteen years,  she has empowered women by providing facts – beginning with ancient cultures and religions. Her research  demonstrates even today women  permit treatment mandated by Holy books that were written and translated by men centuries ago. These cultural and religious practices continue to treat women as “second-class citizens” as women and children are abused, beaten, sold, and prostituted for the whim of men. In her presentation, “Breaking Adam’s Rib: Writing Woman's New Cultural Story,” Christ offers steps for women to take to actively claim the equality they rightfully deserve.   

Contact Basia Christ at   

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John deStrakosch



Maturity as an Elixir for Happiness

Some baby boomers lament the indisputable fact that they are aging. It’s an attitude that carries through to work or relationships or life in general. “I’ve been at this for so long. Time is running out. What will I do with myself? I’m bored. I don’t feel valuable any more.” In “Maturity As An Elixir For Happiness, ” John deStrakosch, author of Healing Sword:  Creating and Maintaining an Exquisite Life, offers a remarkably vital message and argument in favor of the maturing self as a vehicle for desirable change and individual renaissance.The program is appropriate for all ages, because it addresses the transition from one stage of life to another, and a growing awareness of who we are and what we are doing in this world.

Contact John deStrakosch at

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Karie Hillery

Stop the Violence, Start the Healing

International recording artist Karie Hillery spends her life bringing her original uplifting “conscious” pop music to venues worldwide. Her passion and enthusiasm for “being the change” is contagious. As a domestic abuse survivor, Karie presents domestic abuse and gang prevention programs as well as Denim Day: Take Back the Night educational and prevention events. Her experience as a caregiver to her parent with Alzheimer’s opened another avenue of healing programs. Designed to empower and increase awareness, Karie’s presentations highlight the interconnectedness of all cultures and belief systems and inspires a deeper respect for Mother earth, each other and ourselves. Her moving music, personal experience, and deep conviction to “being the change” leaves listeners “with something opened in their heart." Her life’s work has been to motivate the deepest part of us to embrace the concept that we can each make a difference in the world, one action at a time and to inspire us to take that action. 

Contact Karie Hillery at;

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Arline Hodges

Hear Your Heart Sing:  It’s Your Life and
It’s All About You

Arline Hodges brings to you her experience and understanding of the Human Condition based on years of dealing with people of all ages as a classroom teacher and business executive.  The quest for a deeper understanding of people and the destructive repetitive situations that continually reappear in their lives, led her to become an expert in Destiny Cards and Astrology.  Would You like to achieve better health and financial success, or do You wish to have the ideal relationship?  Imagine Your perfect world.  How does Your present and future look to You?  Would You like to follow Your personal Divine Plan and understand Your life purpose?  You can have the freedom, joy and fulfillment You deserve now.

Contact Arline Hodges at

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Scott Hunter

Yes, We Have to Work Together, But Does
It have to Be So Painful?

Interpersonal relations has improved very little, if at all., with the evolution of technology.  Personality conflicts, power struggles, unspoken hidden agendas, misunderstandings, people feeling unappreciated or misunderstood, and turnover all negatively impact a company’s bottom line and rob people of the aliveness they want at work. With such circumstances, how are companies to plan for and adapt to the many dramatic changes they continue to face? Scott Hunter, organizational change agent and author of Unshackled Leadership, offers fundamental lessons  in communication that are critical to having open, trusting and intimate relationships in our working and personal lives. 

Contact Scott Hunter at     

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Ronald V. Knapp
(Gorby 2)

 Go Ahead:  Take the Risk

Ronald Knapp knows all about taking risks.  His resemblance to Mikhael Gorbachev has involved him in many unique situations that required thinking on his feet and just going for it.  His ability to engage people of any ethnic group from any walk of life has empowered him to move equally among stars, political leaders, iron workers, NYPD, and children. He shares stories from his book, The Outrageous Adventures of Gorby II,   inspiring his audiences with the moments he has seized, the risks he has taken, the people he has touched, his many TV appearances,  and the impact of Rock the Wall, the rock video inspired by a dream in which he rides a construction ball through the Berlin Wall, taking it down two years before  Gorbachev did it.  More

Contact Ronald Knapp at

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Toby Larson


Write to Read

Toby Larson is the author of Power Writing:  Ten Steps to Success and Power Writing on both Sides of the Brain.  He has twenty-five years of successful experience as a teacher, consultant, and trainer of administrators, teachers, and students in writing, reading, and critical thinking.   As a teacher of English and Social Studies at Beverly Hills High for 19 years, he wrote and implemented eight new courses for the Social Studies and English Department and coached cross country and track teams.  He is a Step-Up Trainer and frequent speaker at state and national curriculum conferences.

Contact Toby Larson at

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Larry Mauer


Timeless Melodies

Take a "Sentimental Journey" with the composers and performers who shaped our nations' music in Timeless Melodies Music History Courses. Through video clips and rare recordings, each program will awaken memories of lifelong friends, patriotism, and even falling in love as music historian Larry Mauer details the lives behind the great men and  women of popular music. The Timeless Melodies Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit foundation offers 30 courses to choose from! You may select from George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, and many others!

Contact Larry Mauer at

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Suzie Schuder, M.D.


When Is Alzheimer’s Not Alzheimer’s? 

Are you worried about your brain? Are you concerned about a loved one who does not seem to be “all there”? Have doctor’s uttered frightening words to you such as “Alzheimer’s or dementia”? They may be wrong. The problem may not be Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Sometimes the answer is simple.  Dr. Suzie Schuder, a Newport Beach Psychiatrist, Certified by the Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, has worked with patients diagnosed with dementia.  She has been able to “bring back” patients who seemed to have lost their ability to think clearly. In spite of appearances, some of these patients did not have dementia.  Instead they had conditions that with treatment restored mental clarity. Dr. Schuder will describe what to look for and how to improve brain functioning.

Contact Dr. Schuder at

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Jim Simms

The Criminal Justice System: Who Is in Charge and How I Beat It

As an independent investigator, Jim Simms found himself taking on the Criminal Justice System. He shares with you what he learned about the components  of the criminal justice system and how they interact:  Prosecutor, Defendant, Defense Attorney, Law Enforcement, and Bail Bondsman. The Prosecutor is in control of the system, and his goal is a conviction. The prosecutor is fed by the other components, including the unknowing Defendant, who is the least powerful of all.  The book, Don’t Get Arrested in South Carolina, written by JB Simms, reveals the real life story of the private investigator who defended his wrongfully arrested client against not only the prosecutor but also his own defense attorneys and won.

Contact JB Simms at

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Géraldine Strub

Use Your Skills to Increase
Your Marketplace Value

Géraldine Strub is a leader who empowers people's lives.  She has an amazing story of reaching from adversity, at a point of homelessness, to one of wealth and prosperity.  Her true story has inspired thousands of people in numerous countries to reach their maximum potential and to live the life of their dreams. Geraldine has dedicated her life to teaching and training those who are ready to change through sharing the concepts and principles that changed her life.  She learned that for things to change she needed to change; and for things to get better, she needed to get better.  She needed to be more valuable in the market place. Learn the skills that she mastered, apply them with diligence, and you will change your life dramatically.

Contact Géraldine Strub at

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Adrian S. Windsor

If You’re Breathing, You’re Selling

Adrian Windsor is the author of Seven Tools to Transform Genius into Practical Power. She truly believes that life is sales and your product is “You.” This is true as a partner in a relationship or business, with your children, with your associates, and with everyone you meet. She will help you discover the benefits of your product and teach you how to hone your skills,   maximize your assets, connect with your true wealth, change course when adversity strikes, and leverage your potential.  Everything you say, do, and write is an extension of your “beingness,” and you are continually creating a perceptual field around yourself that can enhance or mar your “marketability.” When you are aware that perception is everything, you pay attention and take charge of your experience. 

Contact Adrian Windsor at

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Patricia Truman


Tell a New Story:  Begin a Fresh Conversation with Yourself

Are you tired of the messages you receive from the media?  Do you find yourself repeating the things you hear?  Are you aware that your words create the world you experience? Patricia Truman encourages you to begin to change your world by changing your conversation with yourself. Tell a new story and speak into existence what you desire. The end of the Mayan Calendar to some predicts the end of your world.  It may, in fact, however, indicate the end of old paradigms, of ineffective ways of doing things and solving problems. Be the precursor to newness as you let go of the life you no longer want by visualizing your ideal outcome and expressing it in words that state your honest intention with integrity and passion.

Contact Patricia Truman

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