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Upcoming Speakers

June 26

Walter Cruttenden

Ancient History - Modern Investing

Walter Cruttenden’s Inside Edge  presentation will take an incisive look at pre-Dark-Age cultures, their inventions and lost wisdom. He will specifically examine ancient knowledge of cycles and, using examples, how they predicted the current era.
Surprisingly, the talk will end with how we can use this insight to select winning trends in technology and private and public markets today.
Cruttenden directs the Binary Research Institute in Newport Beach, which researches the cause and consequences of solar system motion. As part of this cosmological work, Walter authored the book Lost Star of Myth and Time and wrote the award-winning documentary film, The Great Year (narrated by James Earl Jones) as well as the children’s book The Great Year Adventures with Tommy the Time-Traveling Turtle.
Cruttenden is also co-founder and chairman of Acorns, a micro-investing company with five million customers, CEO and founder of Blast, a gamification company operating at the nexus of the Fintech and Game industries, and chairman of Ant, a company helping people monetize their own data. The common theme is each company helps people generate micro-income.
According to a quote in the online Oxford Dictionary: ‘Gamification is simple common sense - why not apply decades of games industry design and experience to non-game businesses and software in order to attract users?

In his early career, Cruttenden founded and served as CEO of Roth Capital, a leader in funding emerging growth companies since 1983, and E*Offering, formerly the iBank arm of E*Trade Securities.

As CEO, Cruttenden led both companies through rapid growth and significant liquidity events. After acquiring the acoustic technology from Hughes, he also co-founded SRS Laboratories (since acquired by DTS) and developed it into an independent company.

July 10

Craig Marshall

Egypt and the Higher Ages

Craig Marshall was a yoga monk for 35 years, studying the wisdom of East and West, and spent thousands of hours in meditation.  Today Craig teaches mindfulness practices in business, and is a personal life coach. He lectures worldwide and has mentored many well-known people, including Steve Jobs, fashion icon Fred Segal and Beatle George Harrison. As a young man, Craig worked in Egypt as a photographer, documenting archeological sites, and after many trips to Egypt, Craig has a unique collection of photos. He will share images from his 2019 journey to pharaonic monuments up and down the Nile. Craig believes mankind has experienced past “golden ages,” and will show how Egyptian art and architecture fit into the ancient 24,000-year cycle (the yuga calendar system). If you’re curious about Higher Ages and the mysteries of Egypt, you won’t want to miss this! The photography is stunning….


July 24

Laura K. Marsh, Ph.D.

Houseboat Amazon

Dr. Marsh has worked, traveled, and lived in 30 countries. She specializes in tropical rainforest ecology, studying everything from plants to monkeys to jaguars to people. She is the co-founder and director of Global Conservation Institute, a 501c3 that strives to develop creative science solutions to global challenges to the conservation of nature and natural resources. From January-May 2017, she led the "Houseboat Amazon" expedition to a remote watershed in Brazil to look for a missing saki monkey, which had been collected for museums in the 1930s, and had not been seen alive since. In addition to scientific publications and conference presentations, she developed two documentaries, Houseboat Amazon, and In Search of the Lost, which are on-going along with the development of eco-literacy podcasts and video blogs on She is a Nichols award-winning screenwriter, author of six feature-length screenplays, a musical book (with Tony Moss), and two TV pilots. Across the Amazons is currently in development for large and small screens, and for the stage as a musical. It was performed live in October, 2016, at the Jean Cocteau Theater, Santa Fe, NM to a sold-out audience.


August 14

Joe Nunziata

Chasing Your Life

Joe Nunziata is a business consultant, life coach and bestselling author of Chasing Your LifeKarma Buster, Spiritual Selling, Finding Your Purpose and No More 9 to 5. He has been working in the areas of personal development and human potential for over 25 years. His unique blend of psychology, philosophy and the power of energy is designed to foster a new way of thinking in business and life. 

In this, his most recent book, Joe explores the innate human desire to chase external accomplishments and material possessions in an effort to become fulfilled. His presentation will show how the intoxication of the chase overwhelms people. As a result, decisions and actions are distorted as people desperately seek happiness and fail to find it.

Some practical strategies will help attendees gain a greater understanding of their own behavior and the behavior of others. 

* How to Surrender and Become More Peaceful

* The Role Your Emotions Play in Shaping Your Life

* How Faith and Trust will Set You Free and more


August 28

Erika M. Elliott, MD

Medicine and Miracles in the High Desert—A Healing Story for Our Times

After her first week teaching at a boarding school on the Navajo Reservation near Canyon de Chelly, young Erica Elliott almost leaves in despair, unable to communicate with the children or understand cultural cues. But once she starts learning the Navajo language, the people begin to trust her, taking her into their homes and ceremonies. As she is drawn deeper into Navajo life, Erica has a series of profound experiences with the people, animals, and spirits of Canyon de Chelly. Fulfilling a Navajo grandmother’s prophecy, she returns years later as a medical doctor to offer her services to Navajo patients.

Erica Elliott is a medical doctor with a busy private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A true adventurer, she has lived and worked around the world. She taught rock climbing and mountaineering for Outward Bound and led an all-women’s expedition to the top of Denali in Alaska. In 1993, Erica helped found The Commons, a cohousing community in Santa Fe. She raised her son Barrett in this safe and happy environment. Known as the “Health Detective,” she treats mysterious and difficult-to-diagnose illnesses at her clinic within The Commons.

“What a wonderful book! Elliott’s voice mesmerized me. . . . Such an inspiring, life-affirming, yet tough tale, woven through with a strong drive to realize one’s life path. . .” 

-Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones and Let the Whole Thundering World Come Home



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